THE BEST PRODUCT EVER!!! Noticeable results in less than a week!

Nov 17, 2017

"Have to admit, at first I was skeptical. I've tried VetIQ Maximum Strength Hip & Joint chews with no results what so ever after three months of use. It was heart breaking watching my 8 year old German Shepard go up a flight of stairs. I could hear her joints popping with every step, and it would take her a considerable amount of time just getting to the top. We decided to try Extend Joint Care after seeing the reviews, and must admit, by far the best product ever! By the 4th day of use, I noticed a considerable change. She was going up a flight of stairs with much less pain and ease. Here it is, almost a month later and she practically runs up the stairs. She is so much more active than before and can actually jump off the bed instead of slithering off the edge to reach the floor."

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