Thank you for helping my best pal experience less pain and more comfort!

Nov 17, 2017

I’ve been using this product for 4 months on my 9 year old English bulldog/Boston terrier mix. He has arthritis. Cosmo limps quit a bit after daily walks and play and upon waking from a sleep position. He has been on Carprofen daily for the past year which has really troubled me. He had also been taking Dosoquinn joint supplement on and off for several years with no results.

After reading many reviews I decided to give EXTEND a shot. I waited 4 months to post a review. Here are my findings...He likes the taste of the powder which I mix into his morning breakfast kibble. After the first month I noticed he had more increased energy and was definitely more playful again. So I ordered another box for month 2. I found that I was having to give him anti-inflammatory prescription medications less and less. I found that he needed them more on days that it was very hot and humid and perhaps causing more joint discomfort.

By month 3 I noticed that he was definitely taking less medication. Limping was more infrequent and definitely appearing more comfortable. He is now getting up and down the stairs with ease. Jumping up on the bed more often and enjoying his daily walks more. We are now in months 4 and I can say he has only had his anti-inflammatory medication a handful of times mainly after a busy weekend with lots of activity and walking. I must say I’m surprised by the results of the joint support EXTEND.

I am very happy to report that I have seen progress. I have suggested it to several friends with elderly dogs. Suggesting not to see 100% improvement as they are aging dogs and have diagnosed joint conditions. With the hope of seeing decreased symptoms and improve comfort this product has offered that to my pooch! I myself am most happy that he’s now taking less prescription medication. I will now be placing another order! EXTEND, Thank you for helping my best pal experience less pain and more comfort!

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